Lynne Taylor grew up in the sixties with folk singing parents. To her as she says in the interview, music was, “an important vehicle for social change, and personal transformation.” Lynn is a wonderful, interesting woman who plays a mixture of genres that reflect her journey through life. “The beauty of Lynn Taylor’s songs is pure poetry, says Remo Ricaldone, DJ and reviewer. Lynne is joined by Scott Solsky on his custom 7- string Stambaugh Design guitar. Scott is one of the distinctive voices of New England rock and jazz guitar today. Click here  to buy tickets to her concert, and enjoy the interview below.



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    Linda Carmichael

    Born under the shadows of the great shipyards of Clydeside in Glasgow, into a working class family (her papa was a riveter on the Queen Mary) she became an actress in her twenties, working in TV, radio, film and theater. She is well travelled and in her thirties, while juggling motherhood with her acting career she moved, as a single parent to the U.S. where she met and married her husband David, over twenty years ago. Together with David's multi talented son, Noah they created The Mill trio of businesses.

    Linda is dedicated to keeping live performance going, particularly the time honored traditions in music before the era where radio stations only play artists guaranteed to make millions of sales.

    Community is very important to Linda and she enjoys the fact that a very strong and vital community has grown from the idea that is, THE BACK ROOM. 


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