A few years ago I sat down with Audrey  Drake, musician and composer. I asked her about her music, the  process she goes through when writing a song and what her experience is like when she is performing in front of a live audience. Here is a short extract. You can here the entire interview and listen to her song, SOUL TO KEEP,  click here.

LINDA: What are your favorite venues to perform in ?

AUDREY: I really enjoy playing in the smaller venues where people are coming to listen to the music. They know it's a concert, they've paid the ticket price ....and they are there to listen to and experience what is happening with the performer.

LINDA:  When you say the kind of places you enjoy you mean a listening room, places where you are being listened to?

AUDREY: Exactly and not just being listed to but I am experiencing something with the audiences. There is an energy flowing back and forth that makes the show..............

LINDA: So that brings me to the question I was going to ask you, and you have partially answered it. Why live music? Because in this day and age we have amazing technology..... we could listen to really great music all the time. So why would you say there's any point in coming out, paying a ticket price and coming to a venue to listen to live music?

AUDREY: ........technology affects our lives and it is a wonderful tool, no doubt about it, but it also causes a certain amount of isolation and I think that sure you can listen to it at home you can listen to it in the car or by yourself or maybe with a couple of people but you don't experience the magic of a performance, of the passion that someone is feeling or the energy someone is giving off unless you are in the room with them......


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    Linda Carmichael

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    Linda is dedicated to keeping live performance going, particularly the time honored traditions in music before the era where radio stations only play artists guaranteed to make millions of sales.

    Community is very important to Linda and she enjoys the fact that a very strong and vital community has grown from the idea that is, THE BACK ROOM. 


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