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We’re just a few days away from the Soul Revival’s return to the Mill, and boy oh boy, is this band excited! Is it the promise of fudge samples and a warm reception that get us to come back with great enthusiasm? Well sure. It’s that, but it’s so much more.
How often do you get to perform or listen at a venue that has it all? The Mill has the important stuff down (and none of the nonsense). Here are my top 5 reasons for enjoying an evening there together.
#1 Real food.
We all know that there’s no substitute for real food, craft brews, local coffee, and well, the best fudge around. The Back Room serves award-winning grilled sandwiches, fresh customizable salads, quesadillas, handmade farm-to-table ravioli, and more!
#2 Excellent drinks.
While mixologists elsewhere combine odd drink ingredients to come up with a new expensive fancy cocktail (and often mask inferior ingredients with overly sweet vermouth substitutes), the Mill serves New Hampshire’s finest craft beer made with malt, yeast, hops, cane sugar, and water. Their shelf is deep with Gold Medal-winning wines and locally roasted espresso keeps the staff going strong!
#3 Outstanding desserts.
The Mill’s homemade ice cream is the best I’ve had in the Lakes Region-and I’m not alone on that! Their fudge is now quite famous, and appropriately so, has been recognized officially as NH’s Best Handcrafted Artisan Fudge.
#4 No add-ons (except for fudge, and we support that).
If you’re there to attend a concert you are asked to pay a fair-wage admission price, typically $10-$15. In exchange for that you are treated to a boutique music club where every seat is close to the stage, acoustics are premium, listeners use their ears (not their mouths), cell phones are off, TVs are nowhere, and you enjoy fellowship with like-minded people who value the artist AND you.
#5 Inspired music.
In the words of reporter Michael Withaus, the Mill is “an oasis from noisy bars that too often regard music with indifference. It’s all about the music for the 30 or so people seated in the 18th-century building perched above a gently babbling brook.” As musicians we are, in a word, inspired.
Our Soul Revival band plays there this Saturday October 10. Show starts at 7:30pm. Admission is $15. Beer, wine, dinner and dessert menu is available.  For advance tickets and more info, 
The Soul Revival trio performs modern jazz, soul, gospel and blues with an emphasis on good-feeling grooves. The band includes Jonathan Lorentz on tenor sax, Andy Carballeira on the Hammond B3 organ, and drummer Brooke Sofferman, all of whom have performed extensively on the blues, jazz, and rock circuit. The trio currently records for the United Kingdom’s Métier Jazz record label and have recently enjoyed a summer concert circuit which included a performance at the NH Coffee Festival.


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    Linda Carmichael

    Born under the shadows of the great shipyards of Clydeside in Glasgow, into a working class family (her papa was a riveter on the Queen Mary) she became an actress in her twenties, working in TV, radio, film and theater. She is well travelled and in her thirties, while juggling motherhood with her acting career she moved, as a single parent to the U.S. where she met and married her husband David, over twenty years ago. Together with David's multi talented son, Noah they created The Mill trio of businesses.

    Linda is dedicated to keeping live performance going, particularly the time honored traditions in music before the era where radio stations only play artists guaranteed to make millions of sales.

    Community is very important to Linda and she enjoys the fact that a very strong and vital community has grown from the idea that is, THE BACK ROOM. 


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