Years ago I was cleaning the back room in preparation for opening the season. Someone had put on music and I was listening to it.

“I can see, there’s so much more to me. So you go your way and I’ll go mine, and we’ll meet somewhere, in the middle.”

I thought I was listening to the radio to a famous singer, someone no doubt rich and successful and extremely well known, someone who could fill The Garden in Boston. From the quality of the writing and the singing, there was no way to tell I wasn’t right.

I wasn’t completely wrong. The singer is rich, maybe not in dollars but certainly in love, experience, and in voice. She is certainly successful by any standard. Could she fill The Garden? Well with a few different twists and turns in that road of 2,000 miles, the name of the song, yes, she probably could have. It’s the destiny of some to become rich and famous and it’s not necessary a difference in levels of talent. I am speaking of course of our own, Audrey Drake.

So come on Saturday and close your eyes and imagine you are in The Garden. Or better still, in ‘A’ garden, listening to a woman with a voice to match the goodness and expansion of nature.

There is so much more to her!

Check out the interview:



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    Linda Carmichael

    Born under the shadows of the great shipyards of Clydeside in Glasgow, into a working class family (her papa was a riveter on the Queen Mary) she became an actress in her twenties, working in TV, radio, film and theater. She is well travelled and in her thirties, while juggling motherhood with her acting career she moved, as a single parent to the U.S. where she met and married her husband David, over twenty years ago. Together with David's multi talented son, Noah they created The Mill trio of businesses.

    Linda is dedicated to keeping live performance going, particularly the time honored traditions in music before the era where radio stations only play artists guaranteed to make millions of sales.

    Community is very important to Linda and she enjoys the fact that a very strong and vital community has grown from the idea that is, THE BACK ROOM. 


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