Joel was possibly the first musician to play a regular concert in The Back Room. He is also responsible for naming the venue. We had a meeting with some musicians to talk about ways to improve what we were doing as a music venue and Joel was very passionate about not calling the venue The Mill Fudge Factory. He felt it needed its own name for credibility. He was of course absolutely right, and The Back Room at The Mill was created. Joel is a passionate man, and it shows in his music and in his performances. He gives everything and the audience knows it.

Joel has been performing solo for over twenty years in some of the most prestigious folk & acoustic venues & festivals in the country, including the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas where he was awarded top prize in the Kerrville New Folk Competition. He has many accolades including:

  • Awarded the top prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest
  • Three times the winner of the USA Songwriter's Competition
  • Multiple nominations for the Boston Music Awards
  • Winner of the KRCL Songwriting Competition in Park City Utah
  • Falcom Ridge Emerging Artist
  • Song Of The Year in the ABET Songwriting Contest
Joel still performs The Back Room once a year and you can catch his performance this Saturday August 29th.  Meanwhile enjoy this taster.


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    Linda Carmichael

    Born under the shadows of the great shipyards of Clydeside in Glasgow, into a working class family (her papa was a riveter on the Queen Mary) she became an actress in her twenties, working in TV, radio, film and theater. She is well travelled and in her thirties, while juggling motherhood with her acting career she moved, as a single parent to the U.S. where she met and married her husband David, over twenty years ago. Together with David's multi talented son, Noah they created The Mill trio of businesses.

    Linda is dedicated to keeping live performance going, particularly the time honored traditions in music before the era where radio stations only play artists guaranteed to make millions of sales.

    Community is very important to Linda and she enjoys the fact that a very strong and vital community has grown from the idea that is, THE BACK ROOM. 


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